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INVERNIZZI PRESSE PMK and NKN transfer presses are particularly suited for deep drawn components. The greater the length/diameter ratio and the more auxiliary operations there are, such as side piercing, lettering, trimming, bulging, knurling, flange rolling, beading, pattern and threadrolling, all of which can be done on the press, the greater the cost advantage.

Above the known transfer technology advantages such as material costs reductions, individual tool stage concept and extreme feeding accuracy not required, to highlight is:

- REDUCED TOOLING COSTS – Modular individual tool stages, utilizing standard tool accessories, resulting in more economical tool manufacture. In the event of tool breakage, damage is likely to be minimized due to individual stage tooling and component monitoring.

- LOWER HARDENING - Due to the number of stage available work hardening is minimized, no age hardening occurs in the most cases annealing is eliminated.

- REDUCED SKILL FACTOR - by transferring components in simple fingers and not in the strip as in progression tooling, one of the more restrictive tooling complexity limit is eliminated.

- SMALLER TOOLS - No longer tool room equipment is required as individual tool stages are easy to handle.